martedì 24 aprile 2007

Bears Hauling Butt, Sc1

Tank, Markus, and JYD are featured in this erotic scene. These three bears know how to take satisfaction in a 'job' well done!

Bears Hauling Butt, Sc2

These three hunks continue their red hot action in the next room. They fuck, suck, and do a fair amount of rimming!

Bears Hauling Butt, Sc3

Watch as Markus fantasy about Hot, Hairy, Hunks comes true. JYD delivers some anal pleasures for the others to enjoy!

Glory Tower

Doug seems to find sex partners where ever he goes. He meats Don, a hot older gent who is horny as hell. The resulting later is a threesome scene that ranks amo...

Now Hiring

Anthony managed to ignite Michael's sexual fire in a job interview and they end up Fucking on a sling. Daddy Michael is superb. Definitely a stud!

venerdì 13 aprile 2007

Virtual Reality

John Spain joins the General in a steamy 3-way action. Watch how a private solo session turns into an cascade of hot action. This clip will keep you rock hard ...

Poolside Heat - 1

Here is a pool party the gay way. There is always somebody who starts the "fire" and when we have six guys in the mix you have the recipe for a perfect orgy.

The Bottom Line

The boss is trying to go over reports with his top salesmen. He soon discovers that the only bottom line this hot bear is interested in is his!

mercoledì 11 aprile 2007

Bear Sandwich, Sc.3

Scene 3 is a bear three-way with Markus, Grrowl and Vic Moore. Lots of two on one action including sucking and rimming. Markus rims Grrowl while he sucks Vic an...

Three Bears On A Bench, part 2

Anticipating a hot scene with him, DICK BEAR gets really turned on, only to be interrupted by the Gardener...

Three Bears On A Bench, part 1

DICK BEAR is out on his patio, inspecting his new Workout/Jerk-off Bench when he gets a phone call from MR. G. saying he is on his way over...

sabato 7 aprile 2007

A Cub and His Polar Bear

We hadn't seen Hank in a couple years, so we were damn excited when he showed up at our hotel with his sexy cub, Kevin-Bruce...

My Fucking Gardener

Talking of double intentions, Andrew got a friend to recommended a hot gardener with extra talents. This scene has super hot, older-younger non-stop sex...

Daddy for Hire

French Daddy has what young bottom guys want: A top with a big tool. Knowing that he gets a "yesfrom every guy he meets, he decides to go on the streets and f...

mercoledì 4 aprile 2007

Bear Ruckus, Sc.1

After cruising each other all weekend at IBR, the very woofy Steve Ellis and Duke finally let each other have it! Once they found a place to play, they invited ...

Glory Hole

Michael Burkk has a special place in town where he meets a group of horny friends--a glory hole--where he likes to go from time to time to have his cock service...

Now You Got it

Dave Irwin can still fuck those horny bottoms who he picks up on the streets. Jordi just bends over and enjoys the ride!

martedì 27 marzo 2007

California Bears, Sc.2

Ever wondered what's REALLY going on when the back patio at your favorite bar is..."Closed for Repairs?? We snuck around the barricade and couldn't believe ou...

A Hot Behind

Bill finds a way to get what he wants every time. Peter dreams of being fucked by an older gent--big time. Bill pounds Peter's ass and they both love it.

Fur Frenzy, Sc.1

So you like it loud? You say you like a good hard fuck? Well these 3 nasty bears go at it full tilt in this scene from International Bear Rendezvous. Don Redfur...

Back Alley Buddies

Find out what happens with this two gorgeous daddies meet at an alley. You could not ask for more. Daddy fucks daddy and daddy likes it in more ways than one.

Good Cock Suckers...

Body builder Mike is back! He has a fantasy about sucking off a hot older man and a young man at the same time. And so it happened! He sucked off both of them...